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Mark & Jill's Southern Highland Wedding

Holy Moly what a day!

It's been a rough ride lately for weddings weather-wise - but despite that, everyone has been in such good spirits and Mark & Jill were no exception. Mark even managed to bust his ankle the week before the wedding but was determined to push through, no crutches, and enjoy the day.

What I think I loved most about these two were the stories that unfolded throughout the day and evening - the stories of Mark's shinanigans growing up (and maybe a little bit as a grownup!) but also the flip side.. I think it was the MC who mentioned that for every story of Mark's cheekiness, there was also a story of his amazing kindness and generosity and that was really true. He's definitely the kind of bloke who would drop anything to help out, and I think this is one of the reason's why Jill said yes...well that and she also agreed to be a Wallabies fan (she's a kiwi)!

Anyhoo, here are a few of my favourites from their day....

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